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Nice to Meet You!

Welcome! My name is Lexy Gerkensmeyer, my pronouns are she/they. I am a full-spectrum doula and the owner of Earthbound Birth Services in Ventura County, CA. My road to birth work began after receiving my AA in Holistic Health Sciences which fueled my passion for alternative medicine. I continued on to study Human Development and Family Studies as well as Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Gender Studies at the University of Nevada Reno. After receiving my BA degree, I began birth doula training through DONA International in 2021 and have been successfully serving families ever since.

Specializing in the full-spectrum of parenthood, I aim for an integrative approach to my practice, offering a range of natural labor management techniques to complement your traditional medical care. I love working with expectant parents and their families to help them navigate the birth process and welcome new life into the world. A mother myself, I hold the capacity to understand the complexities of change that come with this new adventure.


As your Doula, my goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor. Each new birth is a unique experience and in return I will provide you with the encouragement and motivation you will need to achieve your own dream birth experience. Although pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be unpredictable, I ride the waves of change with you to find solutions that best fit your family's needs.

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